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David Street Head of International Recruitment University of Winchester

In September 2019 we joined the School Summit event in Dublin in order to gauge the level of enthusiasm for UK Higher Education. The Fair was extremely well-organised and publicised, and we were delighted with the numbers, and quality, of the students that attended. With a sharp focus on education and employment, The School Summit successfully engaged with a large number of students from Dublin and beyond, and for the two days of the event we dealt with hundreds of students knowledgeable and well- qualified to study abroad in the UK. Within 48 hours of the end of the event we had already committed to the 2020 event and this will now form an integral part of our International marketing campaign. This was one of the most worthwhile activities that we undertook last year, and the significant rise in the number of Irish students now studying at Winchester is due in no small part to the Summit.

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