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Carmel Buckley

14.00 Carmel Buckley
Career Guidance Counsellor – Liberties College
“Creating a Sustainable Future Through FET”


After LC worked as a Ground Hostess in Aer Lingus,  I moved into Personnel in the airline and left to work as a Personnel Officer in a large multinational (General Electric) where I eventually went into training and development working for the company preparing training programmes and grant applications for what was to become Solas.   I did my degree as a mature student and worked with Dorset College, teaching, developing new courses and latterly as a Student Development Officer.  I also worked in the IDA in their Small Business Section  and County Dublin VEC as a trainer/Teacher.  I completed my Guidance and Counselling Training in Maynooth in 2004, and did my practice placement in St Joseph's Secondary School in Rush.  When I joined Liberties I also worked in St Mary's Secondary School in Rush until I was offered full hours in Liberties and here I am 'living the dream' .

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